Company Profile


KHBC Limited was formed to provide the tools necessary for organizations to be more risk intelligent, competitive, innovative and productive. We possess global experience but with local insight.

As dynamic and effective consultants, advisors and learning facilitators, we will deliver to our clients all that they require, creating a more risk intelligent, efficient and productive workforce while increasing growth, performance and results for the organization and its stakeholders. 

Our view is that; if a client is not aware of the risks it faces then productivity and growth will be compromised.

Additionally, companies whose processes and procedures remain static (not adjusting to environmental, technology or regulatory changes) will not achieve any competitive advantage. Yet another part of our philosophy is to build an effective long term relationship with the management and employees of each client. We believe that this can only be achieved by working with our clients as teammates.


  • Accessibility to best practices and methodologies in Operational Risk Management, Risk Management Culture, Business Continuity and other disciplines
  • Over twenty years of experience working in and with organizations in the United States in the Risk Management and Business Reengineering field.
  • As a small professional organization and because of our structure, we have limited operational cost
  • We have a cadre of professional consultants (local and foreign) that have partnered with us to provide best in class advice and service
  • We make our experience work for you.


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