“The Consultants provided dedicated client programmes on different topics and in different settings varying in duration to both Police Officers and Recruits. These included: Operational Risk, Critical Incidence and Crisis Management. Their personal approach has enhanced competencies and moral obligations to maximize advantage in crucial situations. The consultancy firm KH Business Consultants Limited’s thrust to deliver technical and quality service has successfully achieved their goals. In this context, a consciously shrewd appraisal in balancing their core values, I commend the firm as a most valuable business provider whose competencies are in high demand in developing skills.”-Trinidad and Tobago Police Service Senior Superintendent of Police, Police Academy

…….Unfortunately we don’t live in a world or local economy that prepares us effectively for risk management that drive stakeholder value and profitability. Historically the ADB has always been reactive to risk and risk management and therefore an opportunity arose to bridge the gap between action and reaction by spearheading an ERM exercise. KHBC was approached with responsibility to sensitize senior management and executives on Risk Culture and Ethics in August 2013 with a vision to implement an ERM framework 1 year later. The 2 day training workshop awakened the risk awareness and fostered buy in from management to appreciate the need and value of ERM to the ADB. 6 months later an ERM Assessment was completed by KHBC brining to the fore areas of risk that were never spoken to or addressed before. In July 2014 and again with the assistance of KHBC, the Board of Directors approved a formal ERM structure, culmination a year of hard work and commitment of the management and staff of the ADB…..the real ERM journey begins now…..

Mr. Hackshaw has demonstrated a passion, appreciation and commitment to ERM that makes him liked and “unliked” for the right reasons….he probes at the very core of ERM that keeps you thinking and wanting more….Definitely a plus for any organization….kudos to Mr. Hackshaw…”

Mr. Yasid Gilbert
Chairman, ADB

Mr. Hackshaw was able to share his vast corporate expertise and experience to bring home a very real understanding of risk management. More than that, he made the presentation relevant to our situation, often citing current research and cases that deftly illustrated the key aspects of the program. His interactive, engaging style resulted in a session where all benefitted with a renewed insight into risk management.

Joel-Ann Cook-Wallcot
Senior Manager, Talent Development & Organizational Transformation | Human Resources
First Citizens
Trinidad and Tobago

Hope all is well. Once again many thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. I’ve been mandated to do a presentation on Risk and Compliance; do you have any material that might give me a summarized version of the course that I can portray on PowerPoint? Best Regards,

L & S Surveying Services Ltd#

Petra Ann Ali